Sgian Dubhs

Sgian Dubhs


The Sgian Dubh (pronounced ‘ski-en doo’), is a small single- edged knife. The Sgian Dubh is said to have originally been part of a set of knives that were used by servants to clean, skin, dress the meat after the Lord of the manor and his party had been out hunting and killed game.

The Sgian Dubh is now worn as part of traditional Scottish dress tucked into the top of the kilt hose. It should be positioned so that only the hilt (handle) is visible. In the modern highland outfit, the Sgian Dubh has taken a more aesthetic than practical role, adding some decoration to the Kilt Hose. The Sgian-Dubh is normally worn on the same side as the dominant hand.

 There are Sgian Dubhs for every occasion, with them all being worn in the same way. 

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