Wedding Season is Here!

Wedding Season is Here!

As vaccination rates rise and infections fall, rules about the numbers that can attend weddings have been relaxed - and just in time for the Summer wedding season.

And with up to 200 guests allowed, whether your venue is inside or outside, now is the time to make your wedding an event to remember - especially if you’ve had to postpone wedding plans because of lockdown.

While you shouldn’t go over budget, it’s understandable you’ll want to treat friends and family to a wonderful experience - especially if you haven’t been able to see many of them during lockdowns.

One of the ways to guarantee your guests have a great time at your wedding is with gifts. Wedding favours are hardly a new idea, but what about something a bit more permanent than a few sweets or some pot pourri?

How about getting your groomsmen matching sgian dubhs? Then, even if they are wearing different styles of tartan, there is an aesthetic link between them and the groom.

And depending on your own personal style and the venue, there are many types to choose from.

Our stag horn sgian dubhs are incredibly popular with wedding parties (probably because of the whole stag connection). Stag horn is also a sustainable, natural material. This will be a particularly fitting choice if your wedding is in a fairly rustic, rural venue.

If you are going for complete luxury, then a selection of sterling silver sgian dubhs is the way to go. 

Daywear sgian dubhs are the right choice if your venue is more informal and relaxed.

Whatever your style and budget, the Sgian Dubh Company has a sgian dubh that will be a gift to be cherished for your groomsmen.



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