Sgian Dubhs - your questions answered

If you aren’t familiar with a sgian dubh, you may have some questions about how to wear them, where you can take them and more.

We’ll try to answer your sgian dubh questions here:

What is a sgian dubh?

A sgian dubh is a small knife, traditionally worn in the sock when you are wearing a kilt.

What does sgian dubh mean?

Sgian dubh is a Gaelic term, which translates literally as black knife. However, dubh in Gaelic can also mean "hidden", which would mean sgian dubh translates to "hidden knife".

How do you pronounce sgian dubh?

Sgian dubh isn’t pronounced how it is spelt. You should say "skeen doo".

How do you wear a sgian dubh?

The sgian dubh is worn on the side of your dominant hand tucked into the sock when wearing a kilt, with the handle visible.

Can you take a sgian dubh on a plane?

A sgian dubh is a restricted item, so you wouldn’t be able to take it in your hand luggage. It will be fine if it is packed carefully in your hold luggage but check with your airline to confirm.

What is a sgian dubh made from?

Traditionally, sgian dubhs blades were made from Scandinavian steel, with handles made from stag horn.

Today, stag horn remains a very popular material for the handle, although handles may be made from wood, pewter, resin and many other materials.



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