Scottish Staghorn

Scottish Staghorn

All the staghorn we use at The Sgian Dubh Co. is fallen or shed horn and 100% Scottish which is locally source from the Highlands of Scotland.

The stags shed their antlers each year. This happens after rutting season where the stags fight for the does, the female deer. A drop in testosterone levels happens after rut. The drop in hormone levels causes the deer antlers to become weak resulting in the antlers being shed.

The use of this shed staghorn for sgian dubhs means no deer are harmed or endangered.

In recent times we have found it more difficult to source the staghorn as antlers became very popular as dog chews. This also caused the price to go up due to the higher demand for staghorn.

Here at The Sgian Dubh Co. we have been handcrafting staghorn sgian dubhs since 1978. This was the first ever sgian dubh we produced and since then the company has grown and built a great selection of kilt accessories. 

With over 40 years of manufacturing and design experience we create new styles that prove continually popular within the highland wear market.

The Sgian Dubh Co. is now in it's third generation of the family and supply over 550 kilt shops and websites throughout Scotland and the rest of the world.



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