Matching a sgian dubh to your wedding suit

Matching a sgian dubh to your wedding suit

After a year where weddings have been small, understated affairs with minimal guests, things are moving back to normality.

And that means weddings are sure to be bigger events again. This is good news for venues, caterers, photographers and all the other industries supported by big events like weddings.

It is also good news for couples who want to celebrate their love in front of their friends and family. Rather than having to cut down the guest list to the minimum, they will soon be able to include everyone.

This means the happy couple and guests are more likely to go all out with their outfits, to make the big day that little bit more special.

And if you choose traditional Scottish dress, there are many options - and a great range of sgian dubhs to go with them.

Mix and match

If you want to add a little bit of drama to your wedding photos, then the groom and the groomsmen should wear different tartans. Let everyone pick the tartan they like, or perhaps they could all wear their family tartan.

Of course, you’ll still want something to link the groom and groomsmen together. Matching sgian dubhs, perhaps the dramatic Islay Pewter Sgian Dubh, is a subtle way to ensure the groomsmen’s outfits complement each other.

Mix modern and traditional

If you are going for a modern look, then perhaps a plain black kilt is the way to go.

Combine this with a traditional stag horn sgian dubh to ensure your wedding outfit walks the line between traditional and modern.

Go informal - or full Highland dress

Depending on the venue, and your own personal tastes, you may go for a more relaxed kilt and shirt combo. Or you may go all out with the full Prince Charlie outfit.

Either way, you’ll be able to find the right sgian dubh to complete the outfit. Daywear sgian dubhs go wonderfully with a more informal outfit. If you’re holding a more formal wedding, then a more decorative sgian dubh is a great choice.

Whatever option you choose, we can’t wait until weddings can be large celebrations for all friends and family, and even the wider community.

Everyone at The Sgian Dubh Company wishes you the best on your happy day.



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