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Dive into Scotland in 2020 as we celebrate our spectacular coasts and waters

Dive into Scotland in 2020 as we celebrate our spectacular coasts and waters

Water is the life-blood that flows through and around Scotland. It's what makes our beloved landscape so special, our whisky so tasty and our watersports so much fun.

Sculpted by volcanoes, glaciers and the weather, some of Scotland's landscape is over 3 billion years old - you really have to see it to believe it. Glaciers in particular, have carved out beautiful lochs in Scotland, some deeper than our inshore seas, which are home to welcoming communities and the odd monster!

Through the centuries, our lochs and rivers have helped provide shelter from raiders and fearsome wildlife, travel routes to friendly neighbours, and food. Today our lochs and landscape are treasured by Scots and visitors alike, though thankfully we worry a wee bit less about clan rivals and wild beasties!



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